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General questions

  • What is the philosophy of myearn.com?

    Myearn.com is a platform of bonuses and account entries. This means that by participation in lotteries, signing in to newsletters and registering to webpages you can earn money. Our partners will pay i.e. “cash” for registration or signing in. All the payments will be made to your myearn.com account.

  • How is myearn.com financed?

    Myearn.com receives commissions from various partners involved. A small part of these commissions is kept by us in order to sustain our services. Nonetheless, the majority is received by YOU, a member of myearn.com as a reward for taking part in campaigns and actions.

  • Am I obligated to buy something on myearn.com?

    NO. You are not obligated to buy anything, because the participation is entirely free of charge. Through your participations in campaigns and actions you earn money, without any necessity to invest first.

  • Is my data secure on myearn.com?

    Your data is protected from intruders and strangers. It will not be disclosed to third parties.

  • How can I make money on myearn.com?

    To make money on myearn.com you need to register first. Take part in free registrations from our partners and receive the indicated amount of money. Most of the actions are that kind of campaign. Get in and try. After registration, click on “Campaigns” and make money!

  • What is Tracking?

    The term tracking refers to the registration of the participation with our partner. By participating in these offers, the transaction with our partners gets identified and registered. This procedure is also called “tracking”.

Your account


  • What are campaigns?

    Campaigns are programs offered by the partners of myearn.com. By participating in the programs you receive a commission from the partners. In other words you can earn money by registering and signing in.

  • Where can I find the campaigns/programs?

    The link to campaigns is located in the top menu. On the left side, all campaigns are divided in categories, to make the search easy.

  • When will I get money for taking part in campaigns?

    Generally speaking, the participation will appear in your statistics as “Open” after a maximum period of 48 hours. Unfortunately later you will still have to wait a while. When there is a participation, our partners will verify if you have entered all the data correctly. When you register on a website, it also verifies if your data is valid. In case of a raffle, the verification period for the participation should last an average of 14 days.

  • My participation in a campaign did not show. What now?

    Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes, however it is not a reason to panic. If your participation does not show after 48 hours, report it to our support via email. To avoid further questions, please include the following information: With what partner did it occur? What was the time of your participation? What is your customer number at the partner? What is your myearn.com username?

  • Are trash emails (disposable email addresses) allowed?

    NO. Neither trash emails nor spam email providers are allowed in actions, campaigns and registrations. Notice, if you use the trash emails, your account may be blocked.

  • What does it mean to be “in verification period” on a campaigns?

    When a campaign is labelled “in verification period”, this means that the sponsor has yet to verify the registration, for example. When the campaign has been verify, you will be paid and the state of the campaign will be verified.

  • Why don’t my actions show in my statistic?

    If some of the actions that you have taken part in, are not published, they will be marked as “not approved” in your statistics. There can be many causes to this: Banner ads are disabled – disable the Pop-up blocker. - Cookies are locked in a browser – turn on JavaScript. - JavaScript is not active – activate Java Script. - In order to ensure a proper transaction, please clear your cash. - After logging in, do not change the web directory. - Do not open other tabs and windows in the browser. - Do not use “traffic software” that doesn’t belong to myearn.com - Do not interrupt the process of registrations. - Check if any parental control software isn’t installed. If it is, turn it off or uninstall it. If you still have problems with your campaigns, please send us an email with the following information: What browser do you use? What firewall, anti-virus do you use? Please explain step by step what error persists. With what partner did it occur? What was the time of your participation? What is your customer number at the partner? What is your myearn.com username? Q: My campaign has been rejected, why? A: In this case, the payment will only happen if in fact there was a transaction or registration. It is possible that it was cancelled because of the following reasons: The sponsor in question has cancelled the transaction. Please not that, in case of partial cancellation, all the commission will be cancelled. If the rejection was not just, get in contact with us and add the data of the campaign in question. We will get in touch with the partner involved immediately.

Procedure for the recruitment of new members

  • How can I recruit new members?

    You can get new members to myearn.com, this way you can double your earnings. For each new member that you recruit, you will get a life time commission of 9% of the new members winnings. Also, you will get, in a second level, a 4% commission from the earnings generated from the new member e 3% commission on a third level. There are different ways of recruiting new members to myearn.com. In this page, we will show you which ones. Through a recruitment link With this personal recruitment link, you can ease the recruiting of other people at any given time. Simply send the link to your friends and acquaintances. When new user access through your link, he will be automatically registered. You only have to send your recruitment link through email, Skype, Messenger.... Through a voucher code The second option is creating voucher codes. These vouchers can be reserved with an individual code and can be shared between friends and acquaintances. When the new user introduces the voucher code while registering, he will automatically be alocated to you and will instantly receive the amount defined in the voucher. Send your personal voucher codes through email, Skype, Messenger.... Inviting friends and acquaintances The third option is to send an invitation to friends and acquaintances through known social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter...). For that, you simply have to enter your access data on the service in question. On the following page, you can chose your contacts and also add a personalized text. Your data will not be threaten nor will be facilitated to a third party. Using averting material If you happen to have a website, you can included a banner from myearn.com in your page.

  • Will I receive a commission for the recruitment of new members?

    By recruiting new members you will receive the following compensations: Level 1: 9% of the generated income of the new member: Level 2: 4% of the generated income of the new member: Level 3: 3% of the generated income of the new member. In other words, if you recruit a friend, you will get 9% of the income he generates, this is level 1. If your friend recruits someone else, you will get additional 4%, this is level 2. This way, you can quickly and effortlessly, make a lot of money.

  • Where can I find my personal link to recruit new members?

    You can find your link in here: http://us.myearn.com/invite-friends/ Where can I find your banners and other advertising material? You can find them in the “Advertising material” under “Recruit new members”

  • Where can I find your banners and other advertising material?

    You can find them in the “Advertising material” under “Recruit new members”

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