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Your registration with is 100% free. There are no additional costs.

Register for free and without any obligations

To start earning money you have to register at Your registration is 100% free and without any obligations. There are no costs or fees, of course, you always have control over your data.  All information is kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties. 

Register for free at now

Switch over to the campaigns page with many attractive campaigns

In order to earn money immediately after your registration, login at with your username and password. Then simply click on the navigation bar, click Campaigns. Here you will find all campaigns that are available with which you can earn money. 

Take part in campaigns and earn cash

The campaign page shows all campaigns you can participate in.  Select an attractive campaign and click on it to participate.  All campaigns are 100% free. A small star in front of the name of a campaign indicates whether this campaign is one of your favourites. 

Pay out your credit

As soon as your credit on has reached 7.50 USD, you can transfer your earned money conveniently and safely to your bank or PayPal account.  To request a withdrawal, simply click on Payments in the Overview menu. 

Relaunch of vEuro - 24 hours double commissions!

Dear users, we are happy to announce the new design of vEuro from today on! It’s responsive, wh

Beta test completed successfully

Dear members, We are happy to announce that the beta test has been completed successfully. The