General Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions - - Edition: 01.12.2010

§ 1 Offer

The website operated by CPX United GmbH - CEO Nico Czarnowski - Wilhelmstraße 3 - 53840 Troisdorf offers a platform for reimbursement for campaigns such as contests, newsletter subscriptions or registrations on the Internet at - hereafter called myearn .

§ 2 Registration rules

2.1. The use of requires the login / registration as a user. There is no entitlement to participation. is entitled to reject applications for registration without stating reasons.

2.2. The use is only permitted to persons of age and full legal capacity residing in the United States. Minors and legally incompetent persons as well as legal entities are prohibited registering on Furthermore, only one account per household is allowed.

2.3. By registering with the user accepts the terms and conditions of and recognizes them as legally valid.

§ 3 Registration

3.1. Registration is free of charge and entails no financial obligations.

3.2. During registration the user’s personal data will be enquired. The user is obliged to indicate all data completely and truthfully.

3.3. If the user's personal data should change, the user is obliged to promptly update this information in his profile.

§ 4 Participation in campaigns

4.1. The user makes money at by registering with so-called "campaigns". Campaigns include participating in contests or subscribing to newsletters. The user receives a dynamic compensation for participating in a campaign. The compensation will be indicated at the corresponding campaign and is a maximum compensation.

4.1.1. The recognition oft he participation (hereafter called „Tracking“) can’t be garantueed by The tracking will be done by programme providers for our system (possibly via intermediate providers).

4.1.2. The actual amount of credit is calculated individually according to the amount which was paid to us by the program provider. Because of this, it may in some cases that the actual credit of a participation does not correspond to the approximate value previously displayed.

4.1.3. Unless otherwise noted, participations will be credited to the user immediately and without verification by and the programme provider.

4.1.4. The user is not allowed to generate so-called "false registrations" and / or to make misrepresentations. Misrepresentation includes the follwoing::

- Deliberately false statements by the user.
- Unauthorized use of personal data of other s
- Use of so-called throwaway or disposable e-mail addresses (also called trashmails).
- Double registrations at a campaign with the same data

If the user should still make a false registration, is entitled to exclude the respective user from any services related to

4.1.5. Remuneration of the campaigns Generally, participations in campaigns will be confirmed by the respective partners immediately. In individual cases, however, there may be a waiting period before participation is confirmed. Campaigns which are immediately confirmed are labelled „immediately“. Actions where there is a waiting period are labelled „after verification“. Participations in campaigns can also be declined retrospectively, for example for false registrations, by the respective partner. Declined participations in campaigns will not be remunerated. has no influence on how long a campaign’s verification takes. This is the programme suppliers sole decision. tries its best to ensure a rapid settlement.

§5 Payment

5.1. Payment of the generated income can only be made to a German banking account – as well as accounts which are registered at PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. (for a fee which can be found in Paypal’s current price list). In this case the fee will not be assumed by and will be deducted when applying for a payment via Paypal according to the credit of the user.

5.2. Before a payment is carried out examines the relevant user account according to § 4 section 1.5 and may refuse payments in case of infringement.

5.3. The payments take place within 14 days after payment has been demanded provided that the examination according to paragraph § 4 has been negative and no other abnormalities have occurred..

§ 6 Recruiting members

6.1. For members it is possible to recruit new members. In the recruitment programme users will receive a fix compensation for each recruited member . The compensation depends on the recruited member’s revenues.

6.2. Compensation oft he recruitment programme

6.2.1. Once a user has recruited members this user receives a commission, depending on the recruited member’s generated revenues.

6.2.2. In the first level, that is directly recruited members, 10 percent of the revenue generated by the recruited member will be credited onto the user’s account at about 00:00 h on a daily basis.

6.3. is entitled to adjust the recruitment programme to the current market situation at any time .

6.4. An overview oft he recruited members and their activities can be found in the recruitment statistics.

§7 Liability

7.1. is not liable for any damage resulting from the participation in campaigns.

§8 Data protection

8.1. The user's personal data is stored. The data will be stored until ceases to provide its service, the user deletes his user account or the user account is blocked by

§9 Saving clause

9.1. If a clause in these conditions is invalid, it does not change the validity of the other clauses. If any clause of these condictions is invalid only in part, the other parts remain valid. The parties are required to replace an invalid clause with a valid one that comes closest to achieving the purpose of the invalid provision.

§10 Edition of the Terms and Conditions

Siegburg, 1 December

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